Lemond Antilus, Transportation Associate
Lemond Antilus, Transportation Associate

The Problem



Every Saturday, I come to church early to drop my family. I owned a 5 passengers car. To be able to bring all Guest to Church, I always make three trip. While I love what I do, I believe it is not good for neither Guest nor I should be late on to the service. A Church van will greatly answer to these problem.

Lemond Antilus











The Problem we are facing we have many people joining us from Haiti. They have no mode of transportation right now. They are relying on us to pick them up to bring them to church. They understand that the place to be on Weekend.

Bertil Demetrius

The Solution


Dante Richardson, Church Pastor
Dante Richardson, Church Pastor

When you pray for rain, you must deal with the harvest. We praise God for the great crops He placed around our church. In order for us to be in a better position to water them and see them grow, we have come to the conclusion as a church that "means of transportation is a critical priority. 

To reach our objective we need a sum of:

$ 150000


Join us in this effort. Your contribution will be a vehicle through which, many will come to the knowledge of our Lord. 


When you pray for rain, you must deal with the harvest.

Dante Richardson






The Plan

We aim to raise a total of 150,000 dollars during the next six months. To be able this goal, we are seeking 32 big donors as follow:

3x 1500x6=27000






How to Give?

Adventist Giving

Adventist Giving a a secure system designed to collect funds for church projects. All the fees are already paid.

  • Follow this link and select "churchlift" in the offering category.
  • kindly notice that you can set up a recurring donations there as well.


Church Center App

It is the system we are using in house to collect funds

  • Follow this link and select "Churchlift" in the Offering Category
  • Kindly notice that you can set up a recurring donations there as well.
  •  Or scan the code Below



  • Scan the code below to contribute
  • Our handle is $BERACAH1HSDA
  • Write for "Church lift" in the note



Text "Amount" to "Churchlift" to 84321 in order to contribute

  • Ex: Text 1 to churchlift to this number 84321
  • Note there will be a one time set up.



Put it in your envelope when you come worship with us

  • On the other line, please write "churchlift"


Mail in Check

  • Make your donation payable to Beracah First Haitian SDA Church
  • Please mail it to the following address: 2212 8th Ave E Bradenton FL 34208

Thank you for your Generous Donation